Turn-Key Services

We Provide Our Customers with One-Stop Turnkey Solutions

As a service business, we can be very flexible in how we handle each and every project. Let us manage your project by utilizing your B.O.M. for parts procurement, to kit, to process, then store in inventory and drop ship according to your delivery schedule.

This is where we can offer diversity and flexibility while adding value to your products and ease in doing business.

Our Turn Key Services Include

  • Purchasing
  • Probe Assembly
  • Electrial Test
  • Environmental
  • Inventory
  • Drop Shipping

Electrical Testing Services

  • DC, AC, Functional
  • Characterization
  • Die Probe
  • Wafer Probe
  • Selection Testing

Counterfeit Detection

With so many devices entering the markets deemed “counterfeit,” we can assist you in making an authenticity determination. Some of our services include External visual, Marking permanence, X-RAY, XRF analysis, DPA, Temp Cycle, Fine & Gross Leak, Test (full temp) and Burn-in if required. Whether your counterfeit detection requirement is custom or an industry standard contact our sales department as additional test are also available.

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