VPT Components provides high-reliability discrete semiconductor products for the military, defense, satellite and aerospace industries.

Our transistor product portfolio includes NPN and PNP small signal bipolar, NPN and PNP medium and high-power switching, Silicon Controlled Rectifiers, NPN and PNP qualified radiation hardened transistors, MOSFETS, and JANHC and JANKC qualified chips.

All bipolar transistor products are qualified to MIL-PRF-19500 slash sheets and are offered in JAN, JANTX, JANTXV, JANS, and JANSR quality levels where applicable.

MOSFET products are offered in JANS and JANSR equivalent options. Package options for transistors include through-hole (e.g. TO-5, TO-39, TO-18, TO-46, TO-66, TO-78) and surface mount types (e.g. UA, UB and Flatpaks).

Our products are manufactured and tested in the USA at our two JANS DLA certified facilities located in Billerica and Lawrence, MA.

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VPT Components Transistors

  • NPN and PNP Small Signal Bipolar
  • NPN and PNP Power Switching
  • NPN and PNP Quad Switching Transistor
  • Silicon Controlled Rectifiers
  • Radiation Hardened Qualified NPN and PNP
  • 100V to 250V JANHC and JANKC Die


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Category Part Number Description Slash Sheet # Package Datasheet
Transistors JAN2N2919U NPN Dual Power Transistor /355 U DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N2920 Dual, Matched, Low Power NPN Transistor /355 TO-78
Transistors JAN2N2920 NPN Dual Power Transistor /355 TO-78 DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N2920L Dual, Matched, Low Power NPN Transistor /355 TO-78L
Transistors JAN2N2920L NPN Dual Power Transistor /355 TO-78 DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N2920U Dual, Matched, Low Power NPN Transistor /355 U
Transistors JAN2N2920U NPN Dual Power Transistor /355 U DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N3019 NPN Low Power Transistor /391 TO-5 DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N3019S NPN Low Power Transistor /391 TO-39 DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N3055 NPN Power Transistor /407 TO-3 DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N3057A NPN Low Power Transistor /391 TO-46 DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N3227 NPN Switching Transistor /317 TO-18 DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N3227UA NPN Switching Transistor /317 UA DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N3227UB NPN Switching Transistor /317 UB DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N3227UBC NPN Switching Transistor /317 UBC DOWNLOAD
Transistors JAN2N3418 NPN Power Transistor /393 TO-5 DOWNLOAD

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